Original Music For Sync Licensing:
The Singer
Acoustic Spirit

Recording Services
I am a music producer from California with more than two decades of industry experience, specialized in composing, arranging, recording, mixing and mastering original music to fit a variety of different moods, styles and synchronization contexts.
I produce original music cues for TV, radio and film scenes, trailers, commercials, radio broadcasts and other types of placements. The objective of this page is to enable music supervisors to review some of my cues, as a quick showcase of my output quality.
Music Supervisors:
Please review the tracks listed in the menu on the left. These are just a few samples. I release new tracks from mastering each week. I do all my own post production in-house.
This enables me to produce pre-cleared, broadcast-ready cues specifically for your projects on demand, sliced and diced any way you want.
My original tracks fit a variety of contexts within TV segments, commercials, film scenes, credit rolls and other scenarios where you need original cues to fit specific moods and styles.
If you are sourcing new cues for your projects, please contact me. I am super easy to work with, I can produce exactly the pre-cleared cues you need and I can accommodate tight deadlines.