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Cameron's Cover Song Renditions:
Rebel Yell
Long Time
Carry On Wayward Son
Peace Of Mind
Turn Me Loose
Blue Collar Man
Smoke On The Water
China Grove
Feels Like The First Time
Hold On Loosely

Cameron Landers is a vocalist and music producer from California. He has been performing live stage shows for years, featuring his own renditions of epic songs from all decades of popular music, including some of today's hits.

Soaring keyboards, blazing guitars, a heart-pounding rhythm section and a wall of harmony behind the quintessential front man... this is the recipe that makes Cameron's performances an unforgettable audience experience and attracts fans from all walks of life.

Have a listen to the sample clips in the menu on the left. These are just a few examples of the electrifying songs that Cameron performs live.

Cameron also produces original tracks for placement in film, TV segments, commercials, video games, etc. Click the Tracks For Movies link for details.

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Some Of Cameron's Original Music:
Slipping (Style: Pop, Contemporary)
Madly (Style: Pop, Dance)
The Singer (Style: Pop, Contemporary)
Adventurer (Style: Action/Adventure)
Gauntlet (Style: Rock, Action Theme)
Agents (Style: Mystery, Action Theme)
Bison (Style: Rock, Theme)
Pulsar (Style: Rock, Blues Fusion)
Acoustic Spirit (Style: Mellow, Dreamy)
Breezy (Style: Soundtrack)
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