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Start-ups and Entrepreneurs:
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Hello, and thanks for stopping by. My name is Cameron Landers. I'm a freelance software engineer and multimedia technologist operating a full-service lab, providing a variety of technical and creative capabilities.
Startups and Entrepreneurs:
If you are looking to work with a senior level technologist with a multitude of full-stack expertise and a leadership background that includes building and managing high-performance teams, please watch my brief video.
Which would you choose?
  • Someone who just writes code, or...
  • A seasoned leader with multiple skillsets who can design and produce your products, projects and services, develop your teams and delight your customers.
In addition to full-stack software engineering expertise, my diverse skillsets will help you plan, design and build product and service solutions, generate compelling content, evangelize design wins and build repeat business.
I have worked with Microsoft MVP companies and Microsoft Solution Provider Partners. I have worked with state and federal government agencies. I have worked with Intel Corporation four different times over several years, dozens of projects and multiple products. That they keep "coming back for more" speaks volumes.
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